Supplement Needs

Pre Focus+ // Stim-Nootropic


MID-STIM Nootropic for focus

We bring you Supplement Needs very own focus based Nootropic formula developed by Dr Dean St Mart as part of his trifecta series.

Pre Focus+ is here! 

Here are some words from the man himself;

"So I wanted to create a product that could be effectively stacked with Pump+ to provide an energy burst and laser focus to help you zone in for training sessions. However, I also wanted something that could be used outside training alongside perhaps the AM Priming Stack to act as a cognition aid too.

The 12 ingredient panel combines a relatively low dose of caffeine with several nootropic and neurotransmitter supporting ingredients. Many individuals don't entertain Caffeine Anhydrous or Dimalate very well so it was important to choose 2 natural sources in the form of PurCaf and Active TR Caffeine. The release of caffeine from these 2 is nice and steady without any crash.

The rest of the blend hits you with a high amount of choline donors, dopamine precursors, Gingko extract, Lion's Mane and Huperzine A as an Acetylcholine Esterase Inhibitor." - Dr Dean St Mart


  • PurCaf (100mg)
  • Active TR Caffeine (100mg)
  • Alpha GPC (600mg)
  • Citicoline (500mg)
  • Huperzine A (100mcg)
  • Acetyl L Carnitine (1500mg)
  • L-Tyrosine (1500mg)
  • Mucana Pruriens (500mg)
  • DL Phenylalanine (500mg)
  • P-5-P (20mg)
  • Lion's Mane (600mg)
  • Gingko Extract (120mg)

Suggested Use:

Mix 1 level scoop with 200-400ml of cold water and consume 30 minutes before your training session.