Maca Lepidamax // 90 Vege Capsules


Maca is a botanical found in the Andes, traditionally used by Peruvians to increase libido and fertility. 

Studies have found that Maca not only boosts libido and male fertility, it can have other uses including reducing symptoms of menopause in women, overall mood enhancement, improved memory, and increased endurance capacity.

The main outcome measures of one study were grip strength, libido, fatigue, and mood. At the end of the study, the females saw significant improvements compared to baseline but not when compared to the placebo. However the males saw a drastic increase in hand grip strength, libido, and fatigue compared to the placebo. The researchers concluded that maca supplementation may be effective for reducing fatigue, enhancing strength, and improving sexual function in healthy males.

NutraBio has a long history of quality supps, and their Maca is no different. The branded extract, Lepidamax, and NutraBio's third party testing guarantees that the Maca you are getting is the highest quality available and has no BS fillers or hidden extras.

Suggested Use:

The preferred Lepidamax maca dosage is ~2.1g/day, or four capsules of NutraBio Maca, but dosage can be anywhere from 500mg to ~3.5g per day depending on effects desired and budget.