Bucked Up

LFG // Thermogenic High-Stim Pre



You know what’s needed to win the war against unwanted fat. You work hard, pushing your limits, burning any fatty obstacles that dare oppose your weight loss goals. You deserve supplements that work as hard as you do.

BUCKED UP LFG fuses familiar compounds with groundbreaking new fat-loss ingredients to give you a pre-workout experience as powerful as your work ethic.

Training with LFG is the equivalent of throwing fat stores on the stove and cranking burners up to max. Set by set & sprint by sprint, combine your hard work with LFG’s body-heating thermogenesis, and bring fat to a steady boil. Evaporate unwanted weight and transform.


  • Energy beyond mortal comprehension
  • Thermogenesis to help trigger fat loss transformation
  • Promotes proper metabolic function for healthy weight loss
  • Dopamine flood gates release for elevated mood & motivation
  • Encourages the quest for unequaled levels of endurance
  • Prime the body for transformative cell swelling— optimus PUMP


  • Beta Alanine (3200mg)
  • Nitrosigine (1500mg)
  • Caffeine (300mg)
  • MitoBurn (250mg)
  • AlphaSize (200mg)
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract (100mg)
  • AstraGin (25mg)
  • Paradoxine (10mg)
  • Huperzine A (200mcg)

Suggested Use:

Take one serving 20 ‒ 30 minutes prior to training.