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He Shou Wu Plus

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What exactly goes into the He Shou Wu Plus formula? Each completely addition is chosen by the Primal Herb research team for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use. Read on for why each herb and fungi has been chosen.

Traditionally Prepared

Our He Shou Wu ( fo ti / ho shou wu) is Traditionally “Prepared” It starts with mature organic roots to ensure potency and effectiveness. The roots are sliced, stewed with black beans, dried and extracted to bring you one of the finest energy tonic herbs available!

When it comes to protecting health, many could say that nothing can stand in the way of he shou wu—a stunning Asian herb with an impressive list of benefits.

Among these include antioxidant activity, stimulated hair growth, improved immunity, enhanced heart health, and all manner of healthy protection of all organs and systems. Also known as fo-ti, this herb is an enormous ally to have while facing one’s older, golden years.

Cracked Reishi Shell Spores

We bring cracked reishi shell spores into our he shou wu formula, which help support our main herb’s immune-boosting, age-supporting, antioxidant properties—and much more.

A gorgeous woodland mushroom, reishi is renowned even in ancient times for protecting health against weakness, degeneration, and disease. Research proves this to be so, too.

Siberian Eleuthero

Siberian eleuthero adds a pinch of energy-boosting to the mix, both for physical stamina and mental function—a great addition to he shou wu’s age-supporting benefits.

With similar effects to classic ginseng, this plant has been used to enhance energy and vitality for centuries. Now, you can experience both he shou wu and Siberian eleuthero together!

Goji Berry

Besides their excellent flavors bursting with tartness and sweetness, goji berries have many health benefits making them an irresistible addition and companion to he shou wu.

They’re chock-full of antioxidants but have also been shown to help promote hair growth naturally—one of our proudest features of He Shou Wu Plus.

Review of Supporting Research

He Shou Wu Plus also includes piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in the rinds of black pepper fruits (or corns). This compound immediately increases the bioavailability of all other powerful plant compounds added to this blend – so you can really feel the difference!*

No Fillers, No Dying Agents, No Additives, Just 100% Pure Extracts.

Vegan Friendly!


  • Add to hot water, coffee, tea, or smoothie.
  • He Shou Wu Plus can be taken day or night – with or without food, so enjoy!
  • Recommended once daily, but most importantly listen to the body (if it requires more, less or none).