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Fuerte // C8 MCT Powder

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C8 is found to be the most effective caprylic acid for quick conversion to ketones in the blood. Fuerte is nearly 100% C8, which means you get more of the brain-boosting, body powering, keto enhancing benefits you want and need!

Thanks to our C8vantge which is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride that maximizes ketone production.ManyMCT powders contain very little to almost no C8. Next time check out their supplement facts to see for yourself!


This powder is perfect for anyone on the ketogenic diet, adults needing increased energy, athletes seeking improved performance, consumers wanting better cognition and focus, and individuals looking to reduce cravings and improve body composition.


Fuerte is gluten and soy-free and uses sustainably sourced palm oil. Each batch is independently tested for quality assurance. This powder produces 400% more ketones than coconut oil and 21% more ketones than standard MCT oil.

60 Scoops / 60 Servings


To maximize the benefits from a ketogenic diet, we recommend enjoying Fuerte with your protein powder or mixing it with your coffee as a creamer. It is also a great addition to your food. Use 1-3 scoops daily for maximum performance.


Ambrosia Nutraceuticals is a collective effort formed in 2015 by three respected industry leaders of the health and fitness industry; Marc Lobliner, Mike Rashid, and Sean Torbati. The three founders of Ambrosia represent professional athletes, professional body builders, and an expertise in everything health and fitness related. Ambrosia is propelled by the spirit of innovation and progression. Marc Lobliner popularized the category of BCAA with his breakout product Xtend. Sean Torbati similarly created the category of NAD+ supplementation by being the first to commercialize a brand new ingredient, Nicotinamide Riboside. Mike Rashid pioneered the concept of "Overtraining" and "Mental Jewels" making him perhaps the only wellness/fitness expert to focus nearly entirely on the mental aspect of physical training and personal development. Collectively, all of this experience has come together to form a new entity. Ambrosia is greater than any individual member, and is poised to change our entire approach to health, wellness, and mental growth.


Ambrosia is a solution based company that is founded on a very unique and purposeful concept. That concept is known as bio-hacking. This is a term that is relatively new to the mainstream - but is well known to the elite of the business world - especially executives in Silicon Valley and other tech hotspots. Bio-hacking in our sense is the exploration and pursuit of obtaining more from our brains and our bodies through the usage of novel and innovative nutraceutical compounds and self-growth techniques. Ambrosia aims to develop products and simultaneously educate about all approaches and ideas related to unlocking our highest potential.


We do this because of passion. We have a passion for unlocking the absolute limits of the human body; and we fully believe we can produce breakthrough natural products that allow us to get more out of our minds and bodies than we ever previously thought possible. Ambrosia Nutraceuticals was formed to take the human body to the next level using real science and independently researched ingredients. This is not your normal supplementation, but an approach to unlocking the most out of your potential.

- The Ambrosia Collective