Red Dragon Nutritionals

FireBall Thermogenic



Fireball is a high quality (and delicious) thermogenic fat burner that has been lovingly created by the legends Reece, Ryan and Jarrod at Red Dragon Nutritionals. These guys love to have a laugh and a bit of fun but they sure as hell weren't playing when they created Fireball. Not only are the flavours total fire, but the formula of Fireball is also epic, this fat burner is clinically designed to deliver, fat loss, energy, and weight loss support. 

Fireball Key Features:

  • Clean, staged energy - no jitters, no crash.
  • Clinical Lipolysis (breakdown of fat) using ALCAR and GBBgo!
  • Mood, Focus and Energy Support for whilst dieting.


Fireball Key Ingredients:

Acetyl Carnitine & L-Carnitine Tartrate: 
Helps to mobilize fat into the mitochondria for use as energy. AKA ensures your body is using fat as it's primary fuel source and not muscle tissue. 

A form of Gamma Butyro Betaine which is a Carnitine pre-cursor this helps your body to better metabolize Carnitine and to make more Carnitine itself. Additionally, GBBgo is exothermic so will boost body temperature which is also great for fat loss. 

Coleus Forskholii:
Coleus Forskholii is a cAMP (cyclic-AMP) pre-cursor. cAMP is a potent fat burning hormone which your body will produce more of, thanks to this nifty ingredient!

Yerba Mate:
A powerful antioxidant which will also help to keep cAMP in your body for a longer period. Also contains some naturally occurring caffeine which is great for energy.

Grains of Paradise & Bitter Orange
These are two thermogenic ingredients that will raise body temperature and boost calorie burn.

Banaba Leaf
Banaba Leaf is a Glucose Disposal Agent that helps to ensure that the food you eat is being correctly stored by the body as Glucose in the muscle, brain etc and not converted into body fat. 

Will help to get rid of any potential crash and will also support mood whilst dieting.

Green Coffee Extract
A natural form of caffeine which contains a high amount of antioxidants and will provide a smoother, less jittery energy. Many people notice there is less crash from this form of caffeine. 

An adaptogenic herb that can help to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone which can inhibit fat loss), and can also reduce any jitters related to stimulants.