Kava Root Hale

Dried Kava Root // Taveuni, Fiji


Relax with Traditional Dried Kava Root

500g of dried Kava Root, Taveuni, Fiji.

Sourced from small-scale farmers in Taveuni, Fiji, Kava Root Hale delivers fine Kava prepared in the the traditional manner. A portion of the profits go back towards the Taveuni farmers and local community.

100% root powder for high yield of the bioactive compounds "kavalactones", which have evidence to support their use for:

  • muscle relaxation;
  • calm / anti-anxiety;
  • anti-inflammatory functions;
  • sleep aiding.

Recommended use:

Soak 10g (ONE serve) in 200ml of cold water for 5 minutes and manipulate in a cloth bag in your hands. 

Strain through cheesecloth or fine material to remove sediment. Repeat if necessary.

Chilled in fridge or served with ice cubes can make the taste more palatable.

Enjoy ONE to TEN servings per person, according to individual tolerance and goals.

Beginners should always start with one serving, then assess tolerance before further consumption.

Do not drive after consumption. Do not consume alongside alcohol. Do not consume alongside medications. Consult with your doctor before use.