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Chaga Shroom

Chaga down this Primal Herb stack!

Chaga isn’t just about increasing life span - but rather health span. With valuable anti-oxidant and immunity benefits it helps protect your cells to keep them functioning and healthy. Needless to say, the downstream effects of these are bound to benefit all parts of life. On top of this, Chaga has also shown promise for fighting liver, lung and colon cancer cells.

Per Serving: (1/2 tsp - 110 Serves)

  • Chaga Mushroom 30:1 Extract (428mg) - 30 times the chaga in one spoonful, its potent!
  • Chaga Mushroom 40% Polysaccharide Extract (428mg) - Standardised to what is valuable, making sure that you’re getting the stuff that does the work.
  • Betulin 98% (90mg) - Along with antifungal and antimicrobial activity, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-cancer properties have been found with Betulin.
  • Black Pepper Fruit Extract (5mg)- Yeilding 10% Piperines, this extract aids absorption of the other good stuff going down your gullet, getting you more out of each serving.

This combo results in a total composition of:

  • 40% Polysaccharides

  • 2% Betulinic Acid

  • 15% Beta-Glucans

  • No Fillers, No Dying Agents, No Additives, Just 100% Pure Extract

Vegan Friendly!

Check out what Primal Herb has to say about Chaga Shroom here.


There are many kinds of mushrooms with stellar healing backgrounds and reputations. These include famous fungi like cordycepslion’s manemaitakereishi, and turkey tail.

But none are quite at chaga’s level of known health benefits.

In fact, chaga’s properties have proven to be so fascinating throughout history that the fungus has drawn quite a bit of attention and interest in the world of research.

Loads of studies and research have been undertaken on the mushroom to see what it can truly do. As it turns out, this has revealed some real insight.

These include:

Studies show chaga is rich in a diverse array of compounds, the most potent of all of them being antioxidants.

Through these antioxidants mostly protect against free radicals and chronic inflammation, research also demonstrates further ability in this mushroom to protect the liver, soothe inflammation, increase immune function, and reduce the risk of harrowing illnesses.

But not only that: chaga mushroom is proving to be a great source of antimicrobial and antiviral compounds, making it great support during times of colds, flus, and various digestive illnesses.


No matter how the mushroom is brewed, boiled, or imbibed, here is a total summary of everything research shows it may be capable of:

  • Improving the immune system to better handle seasonal changes, colds, flu, or possibly autoimmunity
  • Combating viral intruders of all kinds, not just colds and flus
  • Relieving the body of inflammation which can stop disease and even unlock energy
  • Supporting the liver and thereby enhancing the body’s own processes of natural, gentle detoxification
  • Priming the digestive system as both a fiber-like prebiotic and antimicrobial to enhance and balance gut health
  • Protecting the nervous system and thus increasing mental focus, memory, cognition, alleviating stress, and banishing depression, while keeping brain fog at bay
  • Reducing cancer risk as an antioxidant, a nutrient known to help slash its probability while battling inflammation in the body