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BrainShot // Focus & Memory Nootropic



BrainShot is your all-in-one nootropic formula for a productive working day. Less Ego. More Focus.

Adjust the dose between ONE and THREE capsules according to your goals, pair with or without coffee, BrainShot has been carefully formulated to thrive on flexible dosing and allowing you to cater to your individual needs and the varying demands of the day.

30 Serves per bottle (90 Capsules)

The formula

Per 3 capsule serve:

  • 400mg Yerba Mate (30:1 Extract);
  • 200mg Guarana (std. to 22% Caffeine);
  • 300mg Alpha-GPC (99%);
  • 250mg Citicoline;
  • 250mg Uridine Monophosphate;
  • 200mg L-theanine;
  • 200mg Rhodiola Rosea;
  • 40mg Huperzia Serrata (std. to 1% Huperzine-A).

Cellulose Capsules, No Fillers.

Utilising a mild caffeine dosing from Guarana seeds, and the abundant energy and mood support of Rhodiola rosea and Yerba Mate - when you experience BrainShot you can expect a smooth lift without jitters. Big fan of your morning coffee? Not a problem! In fact the the generous dosing of Alpha-GPC, Citicoline, Uridine Monophosphate, L-theanine and Huperzia Serrata will all work in a complimentary team to get the most from that fine cuppa and help you channel it's energy optimal focus and working memory benefits. But of course, coffee is optional and we always encourage folk to try BrainShot without as well, and then customise according to your goals.


Recommended Use:

As a dietary supplement, have ONE to THREE capsules according to the demands of your day. Do not exceed SIX capsules daily. CONTAINS CAFFEINE. Avoid use within 6 hours of sleep.