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Brain Gains

Nootropic Brain Fuel // White Edition


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SWITCH ON with Nootropic Brain Fuel

Brain Gains is the ultimate Caffeine Free, Zero Sugar mind-boosting energy supplement that can be taken throughout the day to boost productivity, physical performance, energy and focus... without the Caffeine Crash!

Packing a whole lot of action, Brain Gains is certainly a complex formula...but boy do you get gram-for-gram value! The end result? A true stack of Nootropic Brain Fuel that synergises for excellent performance.

Per 2 scoops(13g) of Brain Gains:

The Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin C (250mg), Vitamin B3 (20mg), Vitamin B6 (10mg), Vitamin B2  (4mg), Vitamin B12 (1.5ug), Zinc (30mg), Electrolyte Blend (108.5mg)
Nootropics, Botanicals & Mushroom Extracts: L-Tyrosine (2g), Taurine (1.5g), N-Acetyl L-Carnitine  (1.5g), Alpha-GPC (800mg), Ashwaganda KSM-66 (600mg), Lion’s Mane (600mg), Panax Ginseng Extract (400mg), Ginsenoside (16mg), Bacopa Monnieri - Whole plant extract standardised to 55% Bacosides (300mg), Phosphatidylserine (250mg), L-Theanine (200mg), Teacrine (100mg).
Includes: Sucralose as a sweetener, colours and flavouring.

40 scoops per tub.
​0% Sugar, Caffeine Free, No Jitters, No Crash.
FOUR Flavours.... which will you choose?

The STACK3D Review

"Brain Gains Nootropic Brain Fuel is one of the best focus products we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Not only does it very noticeably work, but it comes through with a complete focus experience like no other. It elevates your mental game better than almost every other competitor in the category and is well worth picking up."

 - STACK3D (See the full Review here.)

CaveCrew Recommendations for Usage

As you can see above, most of the nootropic dosages are quite generous, and it is for this reason that the Cave Team would recommend using only one scoop at a time. Best enjoyed with ~350ml water + ice. It won't keep you up at night, so afternoon usage is fine, though for maximal gains, sip on it sometime in the morning. Not about that luxurious water and ice life? Well rest assured... Brain Gains is dry-scoop-to-the-dome approved by Lloyd @thecavenutritionstore AU!