Nocturnal Labz

Black Nocturnal Labz T Shirts



Strong BLACK Nocturnal Tee with our sweet sweet Cave logo on the back to celebrate with one of 2021's best supplement line-ups.

The T-shirt itself is a real nice soft, thin black cotton... you know the type that sits snug on those rugged traps of yours, letting you appreciate every hard earned peak and valley. All in unisex sizing, stays looking sharp after heaps of washes so good to push you through the whole year! 

If you're unsure of what size will suit you best, feel free to shoot us a message - or just come into store to try it on first! To put it in context with our Kiwi Cave-Slaves, Thomas wears a size "L", Dwight an "XL", and Shawn a "M".

If you are at all a big dude, you'll want to look at the "XL". For you ladies who often fit into the petite category, a "S" is probably your cup of tea.. or shaker of Pre! 

Stack this with the Nocturnal PRE or SHRED and watch your gains take on a mind of their own!