Chaos & Pain

Aggro Gamers Nootropic


Level Up, with the AGGRO Gaming Supplement.

Building off a base of 250mg of caffeine, this delicious, sugar-free mana from the gaming gods contains a full gram of L-Tyrosine, as a precursor to dopamine its awesome to support feel-good mood and reduce stress in high-tension situations. Its also an incredibly important ingredient to pair with caffeine (which stimulates increased release in dopamine), so that you have the building materials on hand to sustain composure in those high-stakes twitch shooter moments.

Jammed with 750mg of Lion’s Mane, this famous fungus works to increase levels of Brain-Derived-Neurotrophic-Factor (BDNF) and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), facilitating an increase in brain cell growth and repair and leveling your personal hardware up for the next round.

Next up is 500mg of Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb that aids in stress reduction, helping to keep you cool and collected whether you’re battling it out online or just trying to stave off permadeath one more day sandbox gaming.

And if that wasn’t enough, Aggro contains Zeaxanthin and Lutein to keep your eyesight sniper-sharp, defending against eye-fatigue that invades after hours at the screen.

The final players include Bioperine to aid absorption of the different herbs in the stack, and a badass little ingredient called Stearoyl Vanillamide, which enhances your adrenaline output for an extra kick!

Best of all, PWND Aggro contains no ingredients banned by the competitive eSports leagues, so there’s no need to sweat it when it comes time to give it a go. Aggro is a powerful formula that will gladly prove its worth in the field, don’t settle for some cheap crap just because the streamer kids are shilling it around - dominate sustainably day after day with Aggro, and take that leaderboard for yourself!

30 Scoops/Serves.
Sugar Free & Vegan Friendly! 

Usage Recommendations:

Aggro is a high stimulant formula, so considerate use is always important. Here at The Cave, we actually see that just half servings are well and truly enough - the dosages in this stack are just that POTENT.
Especially if you are someone who doesn’t consume energy drinks already, start at lower dosages, and increase as suits. If you do find half serves is your dosage sweet spot - you're getting twice the serves per dollar spent!

Otherwise, try to consume at least 6 hours away from your sleep time. Do note that this is one that needs some vigorous mixing, so be sure to use a bottle or shaker. Depending on your sweet tooth, you can add more water to suit taste (best with ice), sparkling water also goes awesome with it! Drink that H2O folks!