About Us

The Cave Nutrition Store NZ is a retailer of Dietary Supplements and Vitamins exclusively to the New Zealand region. And yes, that's right. EXCLUSIVELY to NZ.
So don't ask if we ship to Japan. That's a no. But I'm sure there's plenty of other folk out there that will.

Our primary purpose is not just to bring the same old supplements you can get in any old store in New Zealand. Instead we selectively hunt out, gather, and horde the quality industry leading supplements from all over the world (not previously available in New Zealand). We then kindly share our horde with folk like yourself... for a price. :)

If you’re Waikato based or even passing through, you’re also very welcome to stop by our Hamilton store at 807 Victoria Street, just across from FastLane Fitness and just down from Les Mills. In store we do protein shakes and single serve preworkouts, fat burners, and nootropics, vegan options carefully catered for too!

Worth noting, we are not a medical service. If you're looking for more insight on the supplements, then ask away and we'll gladly help. But do remember, we are not medical practitioners and do not provide medical advice, nor diagnose diseases or medical ailments. Chat to your GP, hes probably your best point for that sort of thing.

This website is operated by the VitaKea business entity, working alongside The Cave Nutrition Store based in Sydney, Australia.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch- just hop overto our contact page!

Very sincerely, from both Lloyd and Myself (Thomas), I hope you enjoy the supps we have on offer, and use them well to develop your mind and body to its fullest potential. Oh, and if you're keen for a humorous tale of how this all began, be sure to check out our first blog post. :)