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The Legendary Legend of How the Cave Nutrition Store New Zealand came about.

By some curious chance one morning long ago in the quiet of the world,when there was less noise and more green, and the mindblowing stimmed-up supplements were still numerous and prosperous, and Thomas (newly highly appointed and prestigious The Cave NZ Caretaker) was standing at his door after breakfast smoking an enormous long wooden pipe that reached nearly down to his woolly toes (neatly brushed) - Lloyd  came by. Lloyd!

Alright... that may be a thinly veiled rip off directly from The Hobbit, but hell, in our hearts it may as well be that romantic. The hairy feet is real though. You can always trust in good old hairy feet genetics to be passed down well esteemed and not at all questionable bloodlines of New Zealanders. But in the nature of being truthful, your two partners in The Cave Nutrition Store New Zealand actually met while pouring over the educational scrolls in the library of Instagram. 

So yes, very 21st Century, you can thank the gods of "The Gram" for this supplement hoard of a store you see before you. 

But that is actually how things work these days. 

Lloyd had recently opened up shop in Newtown Australia, with his very exciting "The Cave Nutrition Store" (you can see how we got our creative name), partnered up with his true love, sparkle in his eye, boss lady Tomomi. The Cave Nutrition Store has since blossomed, becoming a popular hang-out and hip spot for all the cool kids, marking his mark with a wide selection of niche supplements for those dudes that like their powder fine, and minds blown out of their cavities by hyper stimulated insanity. He is now so rich and famous, he just acquired a second cat.

Thomas had also just opened up shop, though in the virtual realms of this region the great intellectuals call "The Interweb". Breaking out into this great venture, VitaKea was born from the egg of naivety, Aunty Jacinda levels of "lets do this!", and a full blown blind passion for mental performance. And it quickly became a OVERNIGHT SENSATION NOOTROPICS MEGA-STORE! Ah wait, scratch that. VitaKea slowly grew, learned, and now manages to distribute a humble (but finely curated) selection of nootropics to the supplement nerds of New Zealand. Hey, the people are happy... thats what counts right?

Both Lloyd and Thomas deeply and devotedly loved supplements... to a point, that lets face it, is really just nonsensical. Ah... blind love! In fact, the pair appreciated this joined passion so much so, that they were willing to put aside their Aussie / Kiwi differences in the name of good supplements. And so these two supplement-sluts chatted. They slid into many DM's. Hell, there may as well have been some very slippery ice stretching between them for all the sliding that was done. Many supplements were consumed, and carefully discussed in purely scientific and analytical mannerisms. Technical terms well above common understanding, such as:

"it's next level man"

"oh your feeling this in your plums"

"extra MAOi for pop off"

And in this shared experience, mutual disagreement, and joint disappointment in the fall of our late lord Aurbey Marcus of Onnit empires, a strong bond was formed. To the extent that violent hedge-trimmer related death pacts have been established. 

But each had their issues. VitaKea had a growing passionate squad of supplement nerds, who loved their nootropics, but were also in pursuit of swoley muscle gains. Unfortunately, there was simply "no good sh*t around in New Zealand". Conversely, Lloyd had plenty of said "good sh*t" but was struggling with quite villainous freighting costs to serve his keen New Zealand customers (who were so desperate for "good sh*t" that they would order from an Australian). 

And so a solution was formed.

The Cave Nutrition Store NEW ZEALAND was to be formed. Making "good sh*t" available for both Kea Crew and Cave Dweller, and showing the New Zealand supplement industry once and for all, what a real supplement of creative wizardry is.

Below I present the extremely aesthetic and glorious pixels of these two great founders. You may cry with pleasure if you must.

A serious note

Very sincerely, from both Lloyd and Myself (Thomas), I hope you enjoy the supps we have on offer, and use them well to develop your mind and body to its fullest potential.
Either that, or fulfill whatever weird fantasies, sinister purposes, and strange obsession you have. 

We're all in life to go hard, have a yarn and talk some trash. But also I remind you to stay safe, and if there is anything at all we can do for you - please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always here, you can catch us on the gram, or just shoot yours truly an email direct via the address below. You'll always get a friendly ear willing to listen, learn, and educate with you. Especially if your keen to get down and dirty in the in depth mechanisms and theoretical biology of how these compounds create the "sick pumps" that they do. Knowledge doesn't have to be stiff or dull, there's a whole world of molecules out there just waiting to be misunderstood!


Any questions at all, just shoot me an email over at thomas@thecavenutritionstore.co.nz and I'll gladly help out in anyway I can. 

- Your Dweller of Caves,


Aotearoa Caretaker for The Cave Nutrition Store

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May 19, 2020

Awesome Cave dwellers, we can’t wait to get some of your offerings!

Kris and Jodie

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