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The hunt for a good Rhodiola Rosea supplement has been a long one, but in bringing home the Head Honcho blend it certainly feels to be a success!

The State of Rhodiola Rosea Supplements

You may be thinking, "Well hey, surely there are other Rhodiola Rosea supplements out there?" 

And you wouldn't be wrong - IF you could trust the every manufacturer to be true to their label... but unfortunately in this industry, thanks to a few shady folk, that's a luxury we don't have. In fact, Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most adulterated and faked herbs on the market. Even some that is true R.Rosea has been shown to have depleted active contents by as a result of poor extraction and storage practices. 

This 2016 study investigated 40 commercially available Rhodiola Rosea products from a range of sources (including retail outlets & online sources), and analysed authenticity. Notably by Rosavin and Salidroside content -  which principle active components of the herb that provide its benefits) 80% of the products were poorer quality by Rosavin content than registered for. Seven were suspected to not even be Rhodiola Rosea, instead another plant of the Rhodiola family, and in one case, not even from Rhodiola origins.

Why is there so much fake Rhodiola Rosea on the market?

The majority of Rhodiola Rosea is sourced from wild harvest (hunter-gatherer style) from the Asia and Europe regions. Right now the demand is especially high and supply isn't reliable so some suppliers are letting quality control standards slip in favour of higher profits. 

Why am I so excited about this Rhodiola Rosea Supplement?

Yes the flavour is good, definately admirable considering the bitter-herb tang characteristic of Rhodiola. The packaging and user experience Head Honcho provides is also well above the common standard. The fact that this is a straight Rhodiola Rosea supplement, with no other herbs or stacks involved means it provides real flexibility in use case - a biohacking dream. 

But the real exciting part... is that we know that Head Honcho are providing the real deal. It's not just the fact that they use the patented, strictly controlled and studied RhodioLife extract. That's awesome, exactly the sort of ingredient sourcing we love. But you know what gets me really pumped up? It's better than trusted sourcing, hell, we don't even need the trust with this knowledge. So how do we KNOW  and feel so confident this is a quality extract?

The good man Tamim who runs Head Honcho sent over the raw material lab reports to prove it. 

The numbers check out, showing Rosavins @3.032% and Salidrosides @1.14%. Want to see for yourself? shoot me an email at thomas@thecavenutritionstore.co.nz and I'll gladly share the full results. Tamim has made them all available, including the full spectrum analysis, microbial data, heavy metals... a full Certificate of Analysis. Maybe I'm nerding out here, but a full open book like this makes me a real happy camper. Its assurance for quality that your getting what you pay for, and not a whole bunch of extra junk. 

More about Rhodiolife

RhodioLife is a standardised extract of the root of the Rhodiola Rosea herb manufactured by the Nektium nutraceutical company located on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

The original Rhodiola cultivated by wild-crafted plants in Altai region of Siberia. It is GMO free, BSE/TSE free, allergen free, and third-party DNA tested to ensure proper identification of the raw material. In standardising for the key bio active components, the extract used in the Head Honcho formulation contains a minimum quantity of total rosavins ≥ 3% and Salidroside ≥ 1%.

Check out the video below for the full harvest to final product path for their Rhodiolife Rhodiola Rosea.


How do I use Rhodiola Rosea?

While I definitely recommend the Head Honcho 40-day Destress Protocol, this is also an awesome stacker to go with coffee or caffeine in any form

Top tip flavour-wise, if your looking to combo your Rhodiola Rosea with a coffee, then you might find adding a bit of cocoa or cacao for a more Mocha like experience will even out the herbal flavour better. 

We won't get too stuck into the mechanics of it here, but Rhodiola Rosea has demonstrated MAO inhibitory activity which can compliment caffeine benefits well. From anecdotal experiences, the theory of this plays out really well in practice. Providing a longer, perhaps slightly elevated ride from the caffeine. Without the need to jack up the caffeine itself and getting all jittery.

Want to know some epic nootropic combinations? 

  • 1 Scoop "Apple Caramel" Skywalk by MyoBlox + 3/4 Scoop Head Honcho Rhodiola Rosea;
  • Make your own D.I.Y. Azoth Total Focus by combining a small Coffee/Mocha with 1 Scoop of Rhodiola Rosea, and one 200mg cap of Zynamite Mango Leaf Extract.

But hey... "Not a doctor" here so as always... this isn't medical advice. Go consult someone with an approved shiny piece of paper on his wall for that sort of service.

Keen to try it for yourself?

All you kiwi's can nab it in store at yours truly - just smash the link below to check out the product page. If you're based over in Oz, just nip over to our mates in Australia. The rest of the world? Well you might just need to wait!

What of the other Rhodiola Rosea supplements in store?

If you have a look around, you will see that this is not the only Rhodiola Rosea we stock at VitaKea. We do have multiple other pre workouts and nootropic stacks that do include the ingredient, and like we do for all supplements in store, we do our very best diligence to ensure the quality is there. In some cases we can get quality testing documentation like we have for Head Honcho, but often it does come down our very careful vetting of the brands we work with, and our communication and personal relationship with them.

That includes a step of trust - which for these brands we are willing to make. However, Head Honcho is a fully open book and for that we really appreciate them. Their passion for the craft is so evident that we would trust them without the documentation - but the documentation is here, so we have absolute assurance and as such are so eager to recommend their range.


Adulteration of Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) Rhizome and Root and Extracts. (October 2017) Botanical Adulterants Program.

Got Questions?

Any questions at all, just shoot me an email over at thomas@thecavenutritionstore.co.nz and I'll gladly help out in anyway I can. Heck, if you're keen, even hit up tamimr@headhonchosupplements.com. The dude is passionate about his craft and I'm sure he would love to hear from you. 

- Your CaveMan,


Aotearoa Caretaker for The Cave Nutrition Store

*This post was originally released at The Cave's sibling site, The VitaKea Store.

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